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I barely claim to be an authority on food, so I don’t even claim a little bit to be an authority on food TV. It’s like mastering Art History, which I think is the most demanding major. I mean, not only do you have to know what looks good on canvass (or sculpture or photograph) and the theories and techniques behind the physical demands of the “sport,” but also about the artist’s personality, the personal history of the artist, the time in history the artist lived and what was going on during that period (war, famine, medicine, sex, drugs, relationship with his/her mother), the artist’s influences, who was influenced by that artist or movement…I think you know where I’m going. And, fine, I really wanted to be an Art History major but instead of abandoning my PolySci studies, I learned what I could about art by being *that girl* in the back of the room, trying to distinguish her left from right while changing the slides. Yes, gansie was the slide girl in your Modern Art 101.

Well, if I lost you…

I basically meant that I’ve just started writing about food, so I recognize that there’s an extra level of difficulty when writing about food plus another medium.

This is all to say that I wrote about the new public access show Capital Cooking. The host is full time lawyer Lauren DeSantis. To be fair, I only caught one episode—Meet Me in St. Louis—and from that episode I totally judged her cooking. The episode played homage to her mother’s recipes (Lauren’s from St. Louis) which definitely swayed to the semi-homemade side of the stove.

Other Cap Cooking shows feature out-of-the-kitchen segments around DC; I do look forward to figuring out her style. For now, I’m prejudging, but I do like what I see.

Lauren’s World, Food Time, Excellent: “Capital Cooking” [Express]

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  • Tim Ramsey July 23, 2008  

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  • Yvo July 23, 2008  

    I have to admit when I first saw the picture, the thought that crossed my mind was “Is that woman naked under that apron? That’s a cute apron, where can I get one of those?” So… is she naked under an apron, or is that a dress meant to look like an apron?

  • brian July 23, 2008  

    i think i love her. i don’t care what you think of me.

  • Lauren July 23, 2008

    The Lily Lily Shop provides my wardrobe for the show. It is a really cool shop on U Street and they have lots of other great dresses too. It is actually a dress that is “apron” style.

  • Britannia July 23, 2008  

    I think its a dress, maybe we can ask her to turn around so we can find out.

  • Very Very Good Girll July 23, 2008  

    Crossed your mind! I agree she totally looks naked. I have two functional and fancy aprons from Hey Gansie have you gotten a new apron recently?!?!

  • Dan July 24, 2008  

    You look so much like you mom when she was in high school

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