Name That Food!

Last time we played this game, everyone came up a little short, but at least there were some real good guesses.

This meal is probably impossible to guess, although some of you freaks of food knowledge will probably get pretty close. We’ll reveal the full details again on Monday.


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  • JoeHoya July 18, 2008  

    Is this a ‘before’ or an ‘after’ image?

    This one’s going to take some thought.

  • 80 Proof July 18, 2008  

    yeah, this a pre-cooked picture.

  • JoeHoya July 18, 2008  

    I meant before or after eating.

    Looks like you’ve got coriander seeds and red pepper flakes in there, so I’m going to guess this is some sort of dukkah or spice-crusted chicken dish.

  • MissGinsu July 18, 2008  

    Definitely coriander seed and pepper flakes. Is that aleppo pepper? I’m going to go with a hummus. The consistency on the base of this thing looks soft.

  • MissGinsu July 18, 2008  

    Oh wait… I just caught the mystery *MEAT* angle. I don’t know then… pork? Chicken? It ain’t beef.

  • Yvo July 18, 2008  

    Why do I think it’s granola bars or something? Umm… that or corn flake/oat bran crusted chicken… hahahaha

  • Jeb July 18, 2008  

    I’m not going to say what I think it looks like…

  • andrew July 21, 2008  

    apple crisp

  • Maidelitala July 22, 2008  

    spiced turkey… is that skin I see underneath the spices? FYI it looks like peanut brittle

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