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The race is on to find out what’s all involved in 80P’s latest Mystery Meat post. Both JoeHoya and MissGinsu felt pretty confident about the inclusion of:

Red Pepper Flakes

The guessing will stay open until Monday. Keep ’em coming.

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While we thought Edouble threw a drink in the face of the martini establishment with her Pickletini, Mdlt’la gave it right back with her own theories on this classic American drink:

vodka martinis are not supposed to contain shoe polish (I mean vermouth). this from a friend who exclusively drinks dirty vodka martinis. She is very upset whenever they arrive with vermouth in them because she said vodka is a stand alone alcohol in the martini making process (unlike gin).

Edouble begged to differ:

Hmmm…that’s weird. I think I’ve always had them with vermouth, and if you google them, every recipe out there says to add vermouth. Is this friend of yours a verifiable expert?

Any other martini connoisseurs care to weigh in?

Discover the Cindy McCain tie-in post jump

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Rooms threw her fennel dilemma out to ESers but BS’s Mom stole the show by turning John McCain’s wife into a verb. Brilliant!

I came across this recipe recently – I think it was in Real Simple but don’t hold me to that and don’t accuse me of Cindy McCaining.

Photo and Cindy McCain Info: NY Post

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