• gansie July 16, 2008  

    i see two different kinds of meat…looks pretty fancy to me

  • 80PMom July 16, 2008  

    We should change our lunch plans to your place.

  • JoeHoya July 16, 2008  

    Definitely a step up from Kraft singles and French’s mustard on white…

  • gansie July 16, 2008  

    i’d like to know what those totally unnatural colored things are in the background

  • JoeHoya July 16, 2008  

    Cheddar and sour cream Baked Lays, perhaps?

    That’s what they’d be on my plate.

  • gansie July 16, 2008  

    ugh. i hate flavored chips.

  • 80 Proof July 17, 2008  

    good call JH. I went with the baked ruffles. Fantastic chips.

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