E is for Endless Excellence


Good News! The Milwaukee Cupcake Queen (who you may remember from her winning bacon cupcakes) recently named us one of her ten Excellent Blogs. The idea of the Excellent Blog Awards is we’re supposed to pass the E along to ten of our favorite bloggers, which sounds like a great way to share some very hott links with you all. So here are ten of our current favs:

– An absurd look at the world of food, So Good has the lowdown on anything that’s happening in the world of food media. He’s the guy who broke the LeBron James/Papa Johns scandal and the hilarious Kraft cheese MySpace debacle.

– Have you noticed that I like Bacon? Heather over at Bacon Unwrapped reeeeally likes bacon.

– Can’t get enough JoeHoya in your life? Everyone’s favorite know-it-all commenter now has his own food blog, with his wife, JaneHoya Elizabeth. Check out Capital Spice.

Anthony Bourdain’s blog may be corporate-hosted, but The Travel Channel leaves him as we like him: uncensored and nasty.

– If you’re as obsessed with food TV as we are, you shouldn’t miss a post from TV Food Fan.

– Let’s not understate the case here: we wouldn’t know what the eff to do in a kitchen half the time if it wasn’t for KOD’s instructions at A Mighy Appetite.

– If there’s an NYC restaurant worth visiting, you can probably find a thorough review of it from Yvo over at The Feisty Foodie.

– In a recipe rut? Check out Miss Ginsu‘s creative ideas, including her patented Recession-Proof Recipes for all us po’ folks.

– I don’t even remember how I found out about Brussels-based food blog Glorious Food and Wine but I’ve been drooling over their food photos for some time now.

– Finally, if you’re a drink-your-dinner kind of guy or gal, The Liquid Muse will make your swizzler sizzle.

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