Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

– The comments are still rolling in on our Top 10 Foods Only America Could Have Invented, now our most commented story of all time.

The most intense debate surrounds the humble turducken, with many of you pointing out that several previous cultures, most notably the French, British and Romans, have had the idea to shove one or more birds up another bird’s ass. But Chef points out: “While stuffing one meat into another has been around for hundreds of years as forcemeat, the Turducken (chicken inside duck inside turckey) is an American invention. It was fist introduced by Paul Prudhumme in the late 70s.”

Many of you also called sacrilege on my claim that a reuben sandwich could be made with pastrami, insisting only corned beef is acceptable. But I’ve got to hand it to commenter Reuben: “You got the reuben all wrong man. You gotta coat it in some pancake batter, and fry it up realllll nice. Ya. Now that’s a reuben.” Wow.

– Voting in our Dorkiest Bake-off Ever is still open, with Star Trek leading Star Wars by a mere 4 percentage points. Bobbyc points out that “R2D2 was blue,” to which my dorkiest girlfriend ever replies “Apparently R2-D1, R2-D2’s “cousin,” was red. So this is not actually R2-D2, but a case of mistaken identity.” Again, WOW.

– Finally, Yvo is NOT happy with our decision to give some press to chronically underexposed chef David Chang of the Momofuku empire: “No.. not ES… even you? Really? Momofuku and the dickwad who banned food photography from his restaurant?….Clearly he’s trying to torture people for wanting his food – he makes them do ridiculous things for a res. at Ko, he makes them sit on those hard chairs while hostesses walk by, he overclogs our arteries (albeit with porky deliciousness), and he now has banned photography within the restaurant saying “It’s food. Just eat it” – he must be waiting, nay, TRYING TO MAKE THE MOMENT COME when one of us says “ENOUGH ALREADY, you f*ckface!” ’scuse my French.

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