Where’s Waldo?


Here’s a fun game for the end of the week.

In this picture of Food Network’s recent Throwdown with Bobby Flay featuring Granville Moore’s chef, Teddy Folkman, find the longtime ES commenter, JoeHoya.  You’ll remember, JH scooped this story months before air-time.

Winner wins something.

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  • BS July 10, 2008  

    Does he by chance bear a striking resemblance to Al Roker?

  • JoeHoya July 10, 2008  

    Closer to Waldo than Al Roker, I’d say.

  • gansie July 10, 2008  

    and i think that’s ES hero chuck todd on the far left

  • BS July 10, 2008  

    I was so gonna say that!

  • Yvo July 10, 2008  

    Um… are we supposed to know what he looks like? Like, did he post a pic link in ES archives that I could perhaps reference? If not, let me know, and I’ll take a random stab (Waldo = white guy, coke bottle glasses, dorky hat, striped sweater, super lanky, right?) (Then again, closer to Waldo than to Al Roker… there’s a huge spectrum in between there…)

  • Britannia July 10, 2008  

    Am I allowed to guess?

  • Sorina July 10, 2008  

    Hi I am new to your blog and I just wanted to say how much I’m loving it

  • Jeb July 10, 2008  

    alright, I’ll give this a go. I think he’s in the center of the picture, red and black checkered shirts, a goatee and possibly glasses.

  • Tia July 10, 2008  

    Well if we are sticking with the close to Waldo description I am gonna say the guy with hair flopping over his forehead & a goatee, the one in the gray hoodie on the far left of the picture.

  • JoeHoya July 10, 2008  

    Sorry, Tia – that’s the Chuck Todd look-alike (I’ve heard he keeps several of them on retainer to give the impression that he’s everyone at once).

    Jeb – That’s actually Stephen Chapman, sous chef at Granville Moore’s. And those aren’t shorts – it’s a kilt. He’s pretty badass.

  • Jeb July 10, 2008  

    I meant the guy in the middle of the crowd over the right shoulder of the girl with reddish hair and the cleavage.

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