The BS Top 10


Happy Birthday, BS!

Here is a “Top” list just for you.

Top 10 Reasons Why ES Loves BS

10. Ability to incorporate pine nuts into anything. [Pine Nuts Tag]
9. Breaking the news that he scored a girlfriend through an ES post. [Alex, meet BS’s Mom]
8. Seriouisly, there is such a thing as Hot Dog Sushi. [Sushi?]
7. Bridging the divide between G-d’s Chosen People and Jesus Lovers. [Christmas Matzah Balls]
6. Creating the wildly popular *Top 10* Contents (see #5). [Top 10s]
5. Link-whoring us all the way to the New York Times (and USA Today and Sports Illustrated.) [American Invents Crazy Food]
4. Exposing the dirty practice of charging for chips and salsa. <gasp> [Getting a Chip Off My Shoulder]
3. Padma. Padma. Padma. [Padma]
2. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. [Bacon]
1. Taking ES from the blogosphere to the airwaves. I hear Oprah calling. [Sports Radio]

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  • MonkeyBoy July 5, 2008  

    BS working the JD, always a classic. Happy Birthday bro!

  • gansie July 5, 2008  

    and monkeyboy reveals his identity. this is truly a momentous occasion.

  • MonkeyBoy July 6, 2008  

    Was it such a dark secret Gans? Surely not as important as whether eggrolls are Chinese or not. 🙂
    By the way, touching on #2 on the list, when will ES discuss the fabulousness that is Kentucky Hot Brown?

  • gansie July 7, 2008  

    Kentucky Hot Brown?

    and you did have us fooled for a while.

  • Yvo July 7, 2008  

    Happy Birthday Brendan! Always a pleasure sitting next to you at random food events.

  • MonkeyBoy July 7, 2008  

    Kentucky Hot Brown is an open faced sandwich. The version I’m familiar with is a base of toast points layered with chicken, tomato, bacon, and then topped with melted cheese. You sometimes see it with turkey, sometimes fancy cheese, but always bacon! That’s about as comfort food as it gets.

  • So Good July 7, 2008  

    Happy Birthday man!

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