Is This Thing On?


ES continues our quest to take over the entire global media structure, part 3,498…

Just in case you thought you were gonna enjoy your holiday weekend ES-free, think again, buster, because we’re going FM.

This Friday, July 4th, aka America Day, I’ll be speaking as a guest on Sporting News Radio to share my expert opinions on America’s Real Best Ballpark Food.

So be sure to tune into SNR Friday at 7:45pm. You can find Sporting News Radio on your local dial, XM and Sirius satellite radio, or right here on the good old internets.

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  • Alex July 3, 2008  

    Aw I’m so proud. 🙂

  • gansie July 3, 2008  

    jake gave me this message:

    i do hope you push him to give the schmitter and tony lukes in philly the big ups

  • Very Very Good Girll July 3, 2008  

    Congrats – I’m very excited for ES & impressed by the holiday work ethic. Good luck BS!

  • Sheila July 4, 2008  

    Hope I can find it in my neck of the woods

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