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Our July 4th special list of the most disgusting/amazing American foods set off quite the debate:

Edouble:  I was thinking nachos should be added, although wikipedia claims that they originated in a Mexican border town when a restaurateur made them for a bunch of gringos http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nachos. not sure if the story’s true tho

JoeHoya: I think the Taco Salad trumps it for sheer brazen disregard of all things traditionally salad.

izz: hello!!! deep fried oreos/mars bars! fried ice cream!!!

Even the New York Times weighs in:  We think that Rice Krispie Treats should have made the list.

Keep the ideas coming!

In case gansie’s summer reading list wasn’t enough for you, belmontmedina chimed in with a few more:

Animal, Vegetable Miracle is great. I’d also recommend one of Pollan’s other books- The Botany of Desire. There’s also The United States of Arugula, and any of Mark Kurlansky’s books- I’m partial to Salt. Oooh- and Julie and Julia. Fab beach/food read.

Brittania’s water bucket review sparked some scary info from ya’ll.

Sushi: Sigg water bottles are nice. They come in fun colors and designs, are practically indestructible and the best part is that since they are made from aluminum they don’t have Bisphenol A (BPA), possible reporductive toxin, which is used as a plasticizer in most plastic water bottles (read Nalegene). IARC (the Int Agency on Research in Cancer) is also now currently looking into any carcinogenic effects it might have.

gansie: i bought a sigg on my lunch hour.

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  • Alex July 3, 2008  

    BS and I discussed the validity of including deep-fried Oreos/Mars bars, and we decided that there is contention about whether they originated in Britain or the US. Personally, the only deep fried candy bar I’ve ever eaten was in New Zealand.

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