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Crab Guac

8:32 PM – Picture taken

8:35 PM – Clean Plate

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There was no way 80 and I (this is gansie, FYI) could leave that Naptown crab shack without bringing some meat home.  So yes, I bought a pound of it.  For $26 dollars.

This was the first dish I made, a simple dip.

Crap and Avocado Dip 

Mash avocado until fairly smooth. Add in 2 tablespoons (?) of crab, season with celery salt, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.  Mix together and then form in mound and surround with tortilla chips.   Crack just a touch more pepper on top.  Serve to hungry boyfriend.

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  • Maidelitala July 1, 2008  

    Crap and Avocado? or Crab and Avocado?

  • gansie July 1, 2008  


  • Britannia July 1, 2008  

    The “p” key isn’t even close to the “b”…

  • chris July 5, 2008  

    freudian slip

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