Forecast Calls for Moist Brisket With a Side of Beans


Tipsters Brian and Alex send us this shot of NBC weatherman and Food Network host Al Roker enjoying a BBQ feast last week at Manhattan’s trendy Hill Country BBQ. Now you may think this is not breaking food news, but consider this: According to ultra-reputable source wikipedia, Roker is an avid BBQ enthusiast; is well-known as one of New York’s best amateur jam-makers, with his raspberry being particularly delicious; and on many occasions has used the phrase “man candy” to describe attractive males. You learn something new everyday!

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  • Maidelitala June 30, 2008  

    Wait a minute now. I heard Roker had the tummy surgery that makes your stomach the size of a pea. Can he really eat bbq? More importantly, can he really ENJOY bbq with a pea-sized stomach? Is this a doctored photo?

  • Alex June 30, 2008  

    Nope, he’s still a chubster. Maybe he went as a pre-surgery feast. Or maybe it stretched out again.

  • BS June 30, 2008  

    wiki: In 2002, in accordance with his late father’s wish, Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, the New York Daily News reported he dropped 100 pounds off his 320-pound figure. In 2005 Roker had a back operation. Since then, he appears to have regained some weight.

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