Hott Links: Drink, Drank, Drunk


Ugh. I’ve been freelancing in an office all week, which means I’m currently sharing that universal Friday feeling with all you other desk monkeys out there – the overwhelming need for intoxication. Lucky for you (and me), I’ve got the lowdown on the latest news in drunk city:

– When you’ve just got to go out on a Friday, but you know you’re going to be too tired to even talk to your friends, the go-to strategy is simple: mix your alcohol with a red bull, and you’re an instant social butterfly. But what about when you want to drink yourself further into solitude, when you only want to drink so that you can take a nap? That’s when it’s time to grab yourself some Drank: The anti-energy drink. Supposedly inspired by a cough-syrup-like concoction popular in the Southern hip-hop world, this carbonated, grape beverage is spiked with melatonin, valerian root, and rose hips, and promises to “slow your roll.” Mix it up with some vodka, invite a few friends, and get ready for a slumber party.

– And what about when you wake up on Saturday morning with the urge, to well, keep drinking? Bloody Marys made it acceptable to drink vodka in the a.m., and mimosas did the same thing for Champagne. Now check out the Rosy Dog, a brunch-y invention that finally makes 9 a.m. beer drinking a classy activity.

– Next up on the drinking horizon is a development that only those inventive Japanese folks could have brought us. Space Beer. Necessary? No. Awesome? Yes.

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  • Ailbhe June 6, 2008  

    so does this mean you’ll be beveraging this evening…?

  • BS June 6, 2008  

    beveraging and/or napping – hopefully both!

  • gansie June 6, 2008  

    it’s on for the Rosy Dog

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