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Top Chef is down to the almost-finale, which means it’s that time of year where we all start going: Noooo! What am I going to do without Top Chef all summer? OK, maybe you don’t all do this, but I still feel a duty to let you all know about this incredible summertime event coming to a city near you. Well, near some of you.

The Top Chef Truck, a traveling exhibit of Top Chef kitchen demonstrations, gear, and *maybe* even Top Chef stars, will be hitting the road this month, starting right here in New York. I will surely be checking this out and letting the rest of you know if it’s amazingly awesome or hilariously tack-o-riffic. Either way, it’s sure to be one of the summer’s can’t-miss culinary events.

Following the NYC stop, the 18-wheeler will visit 20 cities throughout the U.S., including all the major ones: Boston, Philly, L.A., Chicago, SF, Detroit….Columbus….Raleigh…Daveneport….um, hey, where’s D.C.? Apparently the good folks over at Bravo have forgotten to put the nation’s foodie capital on the Top Chef tour, despite the fact that approximately one in three district residents is a food blogger (seems that way anyway). But no, Bravo has deemed Washington less Top Chef-worthy than Davenport, Iowa. Start the protesting now, DC-ers! Otherwise you won’t get your Top Chef Live fill until 2009, when you can take a Top Chef Mediterranean cruise, complete with (losing) contestants from every season. Not kidding. Thanks for the tip on this great event JoeHoya.

Speaking of Top Chef, you really can’t afford to miss this week’s ES live blog, as always, tonight at 10. Why? Well, we have it on good authority from a tipster that one of this year’s cheftestants has been reading the live blog as a lurker! For real! Full details in the future, and see you tonight!

Photo: Miami Beach 411

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  • gansie June 4, 2008  

    i am totally getting padma’s ass to DC

  • belmontmedina June 4, 2008  

    I am horribly offended. I mean, if Spike’s opening a burger joint on the hill, you’d THINK they’d have the decency to swing through.

    Seriously- Raleigh, NC over DC? I love my home state, but that is UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Britannia June 4, 2008  

    No DC, that is absurd. I have already wrote them, this was the automated response I got from them:

    “Thank you for your email to We greatly appreciate all viewer feedback about our network, our shows and our Web site.

    Unfortunately, due to the high volume of correspondence we regularly receive, we are unable to provide an individual reply to every email. Thus, you have received this automated reply that we hope will aid you in finding the information you need.”

    So annoying!!

  • sb June 9, 2008  

    Maybe D.C. was too expensive or inconvenient, something with logistics. I don’t think it should necessarily be taken as an affront to DC or an indication of which cities are the most “foodie”. It’s complicated to plan a national tour….

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