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It was a bit of a pain in the ass reviewing Black Squirrel. 80P first brought it to my attention when it got some press in the Post. Well, and the press declared that all food on Tuesday was *half off* !!

We ate some amazing, affordable fish dishes. And when I pitched it to review, we tried to go again on a double date with Tim and Alice. However that time the cheapness caught on (re: totally crowded) so the four of us were forced to eat at Red Rocks: an over-hyped pizza place where the pies are flimsy and the pepperoni is burnt. Ugh.

The next time 80 and I went to Black Squirrel it produced actual seats, but the new entree listing had already transitioned the fish off the menu. The wings were sad creatures – dry and lacking heat. But some of the food was totally worth its 50% off status. As were the Farrah Fawcett posters.

But alas, DCist just reported that the Tuesday special is a dead dog. Enjoy my outdated review nonetheless.

Cheap Eats: No Brunswick Stew [Express]

Photo: Cryptomundo

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  • 80 Proof May 29, 2008  

    I liked Black Squirrel, but would be hard pressed to go when it’s not half-off. The food is good, but pretty pricey. It looks and feels like a weekday quick meal and a beer place, but you end up spending weekend money.

    As for Red Rocks, I really really want to like the place. Great location, great vibe, plenty of outside seating. The have good beers and delicious sounding pizza. But each time I’ve been, the pizza has been subpar. One time the pie was so thin that you need a knife and fork to eat it. Another our pepperoni came out charred black, I mean unbelievably burned. Inedible. I never send stuff back, but we had to this time. So when we did, I pulled a little chunk out of the crust, just to see if they would make us a new one. Of course they didn’t, the same little piece of crust was missing when our “new” pizza came with barely warmed pepperoni. Terrible.

  • 80 Proof May 29, 2008  

    wow, that comment got long…sorry.

  • Maidelitala May 29, 2008  

    “the Tuesday special is a dead dog”
    I am chagrined to report that I thought you meant that the Tuesday special is now a plate of deceased pooch… Well perhaps I’m not so chagrined, afterall, the name of the restaurant is the Black Squirrel, so roadkill is one of the first things that comes to my mind….
    Upon reading the sentence again I realize you mean that the Tuesday half-off special is no longer available. Aha!

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