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How tasty is this Dutch public art exhibit?


Don’t break the yolk! [Serious Eats]


Veal’s new PR pushback to the ethical eating crowd: the Pope eats it. What now, fools? [Slashfood]


Is that an almost-kinda-sorta smile? What happened to Anthony Bourdain’s perma-scowl? Might have something to do with the fact that he just singed a lucrative deal to write three more books, including the long-awaited follow-up to Kitchen Confidential [Grub Street]

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  • BS's Mom May 23, 2008  

    What is it with the Dutch and egg yolks? BS, doesn’t that picture remind you of the famous egg yolk Halloween costume made by our good Dutch friend Enno?

  • BS May 23, 2008  

    aaah I did not make that connection, but now that you mention it, what is with the dutch and their weird egg yolk obsession? I will ask the dutch cousins to chime in.

  • Angela May 24, 2008  

    Not your Dutch cousin but mother of…. The Dutch really are obsessed with egg yokes. One of the favourite lunch food here is soft fried eggs (ugh!) on toast. This is called ‘uitsmijter’. Translation (literally) Chucker-out. Wonder why???

  • Cara May 24, 2008  

    OK I am def Irish on this one. Don’t like egg yoke at all. Prefer the egg without them in fact. I have no idea what the obsession is, I will ask some REAL Dutch people! haha
    Where is this freaky art anyway? Never saw it before!
    Uitsmijter is also ‘bouncer’ so there! Ha, who will kick you out… getting to deep into the whole egg thing here.

  • Terry May 26, 2008  

    Moving on from the eggs; could it be that Bourdine had Botox??

  • Robert-Gilles Martineau June 2, 2008  

    Next time, ask them to make it an omelette!
    Or even better a Japanese-style Omellette/Tamago Yaki!

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