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Nats Vendor

Got a new lens (50-200 mm for those who care) for my camera. I tried out the new and improved zoom at a Nats-Phils game this week. BTW, watched a guy tip 50 cents for three beers (admittedly absurd $22.50). But still, this vendor is lugging around 50 pounds of suds for you, and trust me, he had to be forced to even give up that tip.

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  • BS May 22, 2008  

    this dude looks like he has suffered a few bad tippers in his lifetime

  • Yvo May 22, 2008  

    You’re supposed to tip those guys?
    ***I do not usually drink beer at the game. And I usually go to the concession stand for my hot dogs. Are you supposed to tip the hot dog guy who comes around too? I mean this seriously, I feel bad if I’ve ripped people off before. (I think people may feel justified in not tipping also because of how outrageous the prices are. Not that it excuses them, really.)
    PS One of the vendors at Shea Stadium – if he’s still there – wears, I kid you not, 2-3 gold watches on each wrist. I think he gets some great tippers, and I wasn’t sitting in the most expensive section.

  • 80 Proof May 22, 2008  

    I know that vendors take a small cut of each item sold even if you don’t tip, so it’s not really hurting them. But I tend to treat it like a bartender, and it’s common practice to throw them a dollar or so each time you buy a round. On top of that, these guys carry the beer to you. I definitely don’t tip anyone at a concession stand, beer or food.

    Plus if you tip a beer vendor nicely the first time, they seem to miraculously show up in your section more often. Seemed like there were more vendors at the new Nats park than RFK, though.

  • gansie May 22, 2008  

    i think 80 nailed the rule, if they bring food/drink to you, tip. (although I still thinking throwing a buck down for a take out order wouldnt kill ya, BS)

  • BS May 22, 2008  

    aaah I didn’t even say anything, gansie, but thanks for calling me out. I’m with Yvo – I didn’t even know you were supposed to tip these guys until pretty recently, but when you think about it, they work harder than just about anyone. I try not to buy beer at games because it is FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Oh hi, I just paid $100 bucks for two tickets, why not shell down $20 more for warm beer in plastic cups. I’d rather be sober.

  • Yvo June 2, 2008  

    lol I was just thinking about this because I was at the game yesterday and I thought “I never checked back to see what was said”. Well, I feel better, since I dont think I’ve ever bought beer at the game myself except at the stands (most of my friends don’t seem to like the cups of beer and prefer the bottles. Shea has these nifty alumnium bottles that have the Mets logo and all on them.

    Speaking of tipping and not knowing, I went to Home Depot a month or two ago and had them cut some boards to size for me. My bf whipped out a $5 bill and tipped the guy who was thrilled – he did a great job, and as we were walking away I was like, I had no clue I was supposed to tip him, thanks, and he goes, “Anyone who does something for you, you can tip.” Hahaha… but then he mocked me for tipping the gas attendant! I don’t get it.

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