• Maidelitala May 22, 2008  

    I think andrew is on some kind of weird drug. But i can’t stand lisa. I really hate her….

  • 80 Proof May 22, 2008  

    I generally try not hate reality show contestants because I figure they’ve edited it to bring out the worst, but Lisa just seems to be bad. Dale was no saint, but Lisa has some serious issues with personal accountability and trust.

  • Stefan May 22, 2008  

    I wouldn’t trust Lisa or Spike to make me pasta and sauce from a jar. I almost don’t want to watch the show because of her. Who the hell would ever hire her to work in their kitchen?

    And on a separate note Montreal’s food scene is excellent, don’t sell it short.

  • Jerry Sizzler May 22, 2008  

    Lisa is the worst. Dale’s schtick got really annoying the last couple weeks, but, seriously, has Lisa made one thing the judges liked? How many times has she had dishes that were deemed terrible? Way too many to actually have a shot at being in the final 4. Then, the way she threw Andrew under the bus about breaking the challenge rules, when she herself did it a few weeks back with the chorizo instead of kielbasa dish made me seriously hate her. The only problem is Spike is so iffy in every challenge, Lisa has a real chance to stay around another week after next.

  • Jerry Sizzler May 22, 2008  

    Oh, and if Lisa does make it one more week, after that she is toast. Grossly-undercooked, poorly-seasoned toast.

  • gemma May 24, 2008  

    Im frustrated at this point. The producers have done way too much meddling this season. I heart Richard and I want him to win but Zoi did not deserve to go home for unseasoned mushrooms compared to unscaled fish. Lisa I hate with a passion, almost as much as Ilan, Betty and Tiffany. I hate how she thinks she can cook asian food and yet has only ever won for bacon… Atleast Dale cooked asian food and did it well.. Ugh ugh. She needs to go home NOW.

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