80 is All the Proof You Need

(80P, ES photog, chugging NYE bubbly)

Happy Birthday, 80 Proof!

Although we signed on Mr. 80P to educate the blogosphere on the virtues of mixology, he soon found his niche in capturing the beautiful, the odd and the surprising in the kitchen. Thank you, 80P, for making the world wide web a more delicious place to be.

Oh, and try to remember us when you’re shooting salt-crusted branzino for the cover of Gourmet.

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  • 80PMom May 15, 2008  

    Happy Birthday, Mr. P!

  • gansie May 15, 2008  

    i can report that 80P was well fed for lunch: cheddar bacon burger w/ chipotle mayo.

    happy birthday!

  • Britannia May 15, 2008  

    Happy B-day, 80P… Sounds like a superb lunch!

  • the unbearable lightness of being May 15, 2008  

    Happy Birthday 80!!!

  • JoeHoya May 15, 2008  

    Happy Birthday, 80!

    For the record, I was at Eastern Market today and the fish counter had branzino…in case you’re looking to try to duplicate your success with the salt-packing.

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