• gemma May 14, 2008  

    Okay. I would just like to point out. *I* pointed out it was Sam Talbot last week first. I refuse to be put in a corner :p loves

  • BS May 14, 2008  

    aaaah! SO SORRY, gemma – my bad. Good call!

  • gemma May 15, 2008  

    As much as I despise Lisa, I really can’t believe Spike has been on the bottom like fucking for as long as the show has been on this season and hes STILL HERE!
    And also BS: no problems hehe. Sam Talbot is my Padma( in a good way).
    I don’t understand the decision making process anymore. Howie was allowed to stay even though he left off a whole required protein but Andrew wasn’t. I really liked Andrew, even though hes probably batshit insane. He had a clumsy charm and compared to BigFace Lisa and Spike he certainly was gracious.
    Gansie: could not agree with you more. Lisa is really hard on the eyes besides her glaringly deformed personality. Her hair is crap, the eyebrow ring is just..you have to have an androgynous face to pull those off and despite her fullfilling the stereotype of butch gay woman, I really wish she wouldnt..Does anyone remember the time she put on lipstick for the second or third quickfire?… Hee..
    Done ranting for this week. Love you guys, you do gods work. Keep it up!

  • Sous Blue May 16, 2008  

    Love the live chat. Will definitely tune in next time.

    The anger between Andrew and Lisa seemed unnecessary, I mean really? Lisa has gotta go. I can’t stand her.

  • gemma May 18, 2008  

    I never noticed this before but just rewatching the tailgating ep I have fallen i love with Mark even more. ” I am the only one with the testicular fortitude to choose a real bbq grill” hee

  • Mark by Chocolate August 2, 2008  

    I wonder how much of the show is run by the producers, “Hey, we have to keep Lisa in because everyone hates her”, and how much of the show is run by Tom and the judges.

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