Who Killed the Mentos Kiss Cam?


Earlier this week, Mentos launched one of the most oddly skeezy advertising campaigns the Internet has ever seen (which is saying a lot), and now it has mysteriously disappeared!

The concept of the Mentos Kiss Cam is pretty bizarre: a busty blond in a skimpy swimsuit emerges from the ocean, comes this close to your computer screen, instructs you to turn on your webcam, and you’re supposed to make out with her. Not kidding. She actually waits there until you move your mouth up to the computer, and then you get to French her. In case you’re into dudes and/or horses, there’s an alternate make-out option involving a dashing white knight on horseback.

There’s no data yet on how many Americans were fired this week for licking their computer screens, but we do know this: After much viral mocking, the Mentos Kiss Cam is gone! No explanation on the site aside from the tagline “be back soon.” Did Mentos realize they had overstepped the line in marketing candy? Did someone make out so hard that they crashed the site? Or are they preparing a bigger and badder version of the Mentos Kiss Cam? Only time will tell.

Fortunately, the promotional video is still available on YouTube, minus the interactive aspect. Fair warning: this video may or may not be safe for work, depending on your office’s policy on outrageously excited nipples.

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  • Alex May 8, 2008  


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  • Don June 10, 2009  

    It;s june 10th 2009, and i just tried the mentos kiss cam thingy..and it still works

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