• Britannia May 8, 2008  

    Are we ever going to find out the identity of “ilovejoehoya”?

  • gemma May 8, 2008  

    Next week Sam Talbot is the judge. I know that man inside and out, i can recognize him from any angle. Dale and andrew crack me the fuck up. I will never stop laughing. Im kinda glad dale said what he said to gail. She has never stopped annoying me from season 1. i hope ted takes over for good. lisa’s big face still graces my computer screen, making me hurl. but finally the talentless italian is out yay.

  • JoeHoya May 8, 2008  

    I’m resigned to it remaining one of the unknowable mysteries.

    For expediency’s sake, I can assume it was either my wife or my mother…I know they love me!

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