Famous-for-DC Strikes Again


Let me tell you, getting this shot off was NOT easy.

So 80 and I were walking home from work and we’re just yacking away or whatever, fine, I’m yacking, and all of a sudden I’m screaming, “OMG, that’s totally Andrew Sullivan blogging at Subway!”

I stop dead and make 80 walk past the Subway to double check. And yup, it is. I then pull out my phone to snap a picture, but with no zoom on my cell, I realized I would have to go *inside* to get a picture off.

The plan: 80 would go in, buy chips, I would pretend to check my phone and start snapping away. Well, apparently 80 all of a sudden grows some morals (if they’re growable) since his much-noted celeb sighting and doesn’t want to go through with it. I immediately call BS for back up.

gansie: Alert! Alert! Alert!
gansie: OMG! I just walked past Andrew Sullivan blogging at the Subway on U st and 16th. Yup, the Subway right next to the Starbucks. And 80 won’t come with me inside to take a picture!
BS: *&%$#@!(*&^+ You get that picture or you’re kicked off the blog!

Or something like that happened. Oh, and while I was trying to convince 80 to go undercover with me, we ran into three people. (1) My college friend Matt, who also confirmed that it was in fact Andrew Sullivan and (2-3) the Beer Brothers! that I wrote my Onion article about last week. I intro’d 80 to the boys and we chatted about beer, and um, beer. Oh, and I found out Brother Mike bakes bread. Hopefully more on that later. I love guest bloggers.

Anyway, so I finally coax (re: give him a $20 to pay for his snack) 80 into the sting operation.

We walk in.
I pull out my phone.
Like a true ass, 80 buys my most hated chips – Salt & Vinegar and a bottle of Coke.
I snap, snap, snap. Try my best not to stare, but still get a shot off.
80 pretends to forget to give me change for my $20

And food-wise, Andrew Sullivan only had a Cherry Coke Zero out at his table; he must have already scarfed down his 6 grams of fat in hoagie form.

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  • BS May 1, 2008  

    He has my shoes!

  • BS May 1, 2008  

    the google ads showing up on my screen for this post are
    1- McCain for President
    2- gay BEAR dating
    Now that’s some micro-targeting

  • Britannia May 1, 2008  

    I hadn’t realised he was considered famous, I spot him quite regular at Duplex on 18th St, I guess I don’t need to get a photo of him now though, Oops.

  • Tim May 1, 2008  

    Brendan and I had lunch with him at CF Folks last year.

  • Eick May 3, 2008  

    I see Andrew Sullivan around Adams Morgan constantly. I think he lives a few blocks away from me. He’s always sitting next to me at The Diner, and I see him walking his dogs a lot.

  • lloyd May 20, 2008  

    gans, how did you not call me!? that is around the corner from my apartment!

  • Michael May 20, 2008  

    Hollywood is sooooooo over. I’m moving to DC. Actually, I’ll be there in two weeks.

  • tom May 22, 2008  

    Andrew does not walk his dogs. The beagles are walking Andrew, to make sure that he gets enough fresh air for clear blog thinking.

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