Spicy Drunk


Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita
What’s that you say
Jalapeno and tequila
Together in a drink
The best of Mexican food and Mexican drink.

My friends and I were having a beverage at one of our regular watering holes the other day and we were discussing our favourite drinks. We had the usuals: vodka red bull; gin and tonic; bloody mary; and yes, even a beer. We then got to thinking about alternate drinks and the lifestyle that we lead. Our conversation turned to drinks that we deserved, a drink worthy of our existence. Have you not met me? Yes, my friends and I are that pretentious.

There are some restaurants in DC that provide some fun excuses of a drink. There is Domku with its Lemon Grass & Ginger Aquavits and the Aloe Sojutini at Mandu, but we wanted one to make at home on a Friday night. We pre-game high end, not just your average six pack.

A friend had recently returned from some Southern state trip, not sure where, but he had heard of a margarita with jalapeno and cucumber. As most of us are huge Mexican boys food fans we figured it would be a great drink to try. And it was.

The fresh taste of the cucumber combined with the heat of the jalepeno was a great combination; the fusion of the two created a unique blend of spice and freshness. For people who are not a fan of chilies this is something totally acceptable. I’m sure if stronger chilies were used it would change the taste but the main flavour properties would still be present.

Disclaimer: Two glasses of these will get you pretty drunk, or even very drunk!

Check it out after jump.

Jalapeno (seeded)
5 Fresh Limes
2 Fresh Oranges
¼ cup of Sugar
Gold Tequila

(makes 4 moderate glasses)

Slice 8 pieces of cucumber and jalapeno, add the sugar and crush with a mortar and pestle. I actually don’t have a mortar and pestle but I managed to crush them with a heavy spoon and a hand blender. If you have one then use it, I’m sure it would be easier.

Once the ingredients are crushed, almost forming a paste-like mixture, add to a drink shaker, along with the juice from 4 limes and juice from 2 oranges. Add about 16oz of gold tequila and fill with ice. Shake. Fill two glasses with ice, pour in the margarita and garnish with a lime and cucumber wedge. Drink… And get drunk.

And as Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, you should totally keep this thirst quencher in mind for your festivities.

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  • BS May 1, 2008  

    wow that sounds great! I love the idea of the refreshing cucumbers with the spicy chilis – gonna have to try this

  • 30MinuteAbs May 1, 2008  

    As a spectator to the consumption of these sumptuous margs, I can say first hand that two glasses of this got Britannia quite drunk!

  • Tim May 2, 2008  

    Britannia – I love you. I will be making this immediately.
    Just one thing though… in my limited education on margaritas, I have learned to NEVER put gold tequila in a margarita. Does the gold serve a purpose here, or can I use tequila blanco/silver?

    Also, try using agave nectar instead of sugar. It’s amazing.

  • Britannia May 2, 2008  

    I’m sure that blanco/silver tequila would work just fine, I used gold as I thought it would give a nice look to it.

    I have no idea what agave sugar is but from what wiki is telling me it is something I will be trying this weekend, maybe with blanco/silver too. Oh dear, another drunken weekend… as if it wasn’t going to be anyway. Thanks for the tip!

  • BS May 2, 2008  

    tim – why no gold in margaritas? is there a reason why, or is it just too expensive to waste in drinks?

  • Welshdog June 27, 2009  

    Gold tequila adds a “funky” flavor to mixed drinks that is sometimes objectionable. Gold may be great neet (which I never do with any liquor – can’t handle it), but mixed in with other ingredients it frequently fails. I think as do others, that blanco/silver is much better.

  • This is one of my very favorite drinks! If you’re ever in Southern California, stop by SOL. Its a great restaurant owned by the Mastros group (where we had dinner last night) but very cool laid back vibe, and GREAT food! Anywhoo they serve a fabulous Jalapeno Margarita! I may or may not have enjoyed my first one (just a wee bit) prego with Baby #3…might be why she is such a prefect baby! Thank for a recipe to make it at home!

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