• Jrod May 1, 2008  

    Let me preface this comment with, I need a day job desperately. Just read through the live blog and enjoyed it thoroughly. Faux Hawk will win. Mark my words. Dale and Antonia are close, but Richard owns this panel. Steph is just not strong enough. And although Lisa rubs EVERYONE the wrong way, they always like her dishes. She cooks well, let’s face it. And now the gay factor further solidified her stay. Just wanted to add my thoughts.

  • JoeHoya May 1, 2008  

    So I went back and answered my own question about who has previously won the Quickfire and the Elimination in the same episode. Turns out there have only been two who have done it previously:

    Hung won the challenge at Le Cirque and the “impress the Culinary Institute of America chefs by cooking with chicken and potatoes” competition just before the final four and then went on to win the whole thing in Season 3.

    Mikey won the color challenge and then the Seven Deadly Sins dinner just before getting kicked off the very next week in Season 2.

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