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While you may think star-commenter JoeHoya (or affectionately, JH) may simply spend all of his blog reading time with ES, you’d be shockingly mistaken. JH actually writes for the *rival* food blog, DC Foodies. And as I never really read other food blogs (unless he/she comments on our posts and leaves a link to their blog) I have neglected JH’s hard work elsewhere. So, here, JH – our official ES tribute to our first and favorite non-friend commenter. (Actually, you know what that stinker first wrote on our blog – he corrected a misspelling of mine…) Anyway, enjoy our GOP foe boy, JoeHoya.

Investigative Reporter [JoeHoya]

Disgruntled Cheese Plate Eater [JoeHoya]

Exhaustive Restaurant Critiquer [JoeHoya]

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  • BS April 30, 2008  

    Here, here on the cheese plates – you’ve convinced me, I’m officially done with them. Last night I went to El Quinto Pino and ordered the Catalan Head Cheese plate – do you know what was on it? One slice of cheese – with two sliced cherry tomatoes, as if that made it a plate. I mean, I know it was tapas and the cheese was ok – but I think a “cheese plate” should by law include two or more slices of cheese.

  • Britannia April 30, 2008  

    Wait, Joehoya is real????

  • BS April 30, 2008  

    that’s not him in the photo, for the record.

  • gansie April 30, 2008  

    or is it…

  • gansie April 30, 2008  

    oh, and it totally sucks about murky coffee. loved the vibe there.

  • JoeHoya April 30, 2008  

    Awwww….thanks for the shout-out, Gansie! Nice to know that I’m a “star-commenter” and not “that annoying and borderline stalkerish guy.”

    BS – I may be walking into a joke here, but I’m kind of surprised there was any cheese at all on the “Catalan Head Cheese Plate.” Head cheese is a cold meat-and-gelatin dish – more like a terrine than anything else. Did the cheese and tomatoes come with anything else? A slab of formed meat, perhaps?

    Britannia – Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not an actual shot of me. ‘Joe Hoya’ is a shorthand for the stereotypical Georgetown student, and a pseudonym I’ve been using for years as a tongue-in-cheek nod to that.

  • BS April 30, 2008  

    ok, maybe i was confused – I think there was a head cheese offering, and also a separate cheese plate – anyway, regardless I paid like nine dollars for one slice of cheese.

  • gansie April 30, 2008  

    i wish i liked cheese plates more, but i just havent gotten into *stinky* cheeses. and id rather end my meal with chocolate than cheese. oh, and i dont like blue cheese. i’m a mess.

  • Britannia April 30, 2008  

    You non cheese people are just weird to me.

  • gansie April 30, 2008  

    no, no, no! i love cheese. i just can’t get into the *cheese plate*, per se.

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