Take Your DAD GANSIE to Work Day


Back when there wasn’t a *boy crisis* it used to just be “Take Your Daughters to Work Day.” (“Sons” is now added in there, and as I try to promote equality in all aspects of gender, I do like this updated model.)

On this special day (no school!) I’d switch between my mom’s nursery school class and DAD GANSIE’s own business in Philly every other year. And as much as I loved playing with the three year olds, helping them with crafts, taking them to the bathroom and feeding them snacks (graham crackers!) I felt mighty important at DAD GANSIE’s office.

They would find an empty desk for me, fitted with pens and—sometimes—a typewriter. I would usually draw notes to my mom, then go over to the copier, play with the darkness and lightness, and make about 5 copies for her. I’d also run around, lay on the couch and basically disrupt my dad and his dad while “doing business” on the phone. And in my lovely, I’m the oldest, I’m the best mantra, I would figure out how many pictures on my the wall there were of me versus how many pictures there were of my brother and sister.

But the real highlight of the day was our lunch date at McDonalds.

Growing up, we only were treated to McDonalds on the weekends, and then only once in a while. So a random weekday Mickey Ds lunch totally made the day. I think, and DAD GANSIE correct me if I’m wrong, I would order a plain hamburger, fries and a Coke. Today, if I do go to McD (which I can proudly say that I haven’t been in the year 2008) I would get a Happy Meal with the 4-piece chicken tenders, fries and Coke.

The lovely people at McCormick & Schmick’s let me remember all of these special days when I received their PR push: kids get a free “business meal” when their parents lunch with them at the restaurant. Now I know kids are different these days (Holy shit – did I just say that! How old am I?!?!) but I still bet that a McDonalds meal would beat a shrimp cocktail in their book any day.

Official McCormick & Schmick’s presser after the jump.

—— Forwarded Message——
Subject: Who said there’s NO free lunch in this town………


McCormick & Schmick’s, M&S Grill Support “Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day”
Free Lunch for kids

(Washington, DC) – All DC area McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants and M&S Grill restaurants will offer children a free lunch meal on Thursday, April 24, 2008, in support of the national “Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day.”

On April 24, free entrées and beverages will be served to school-aged children dining for lunch with a parent or adult as part of the national initiative. Children may order from the daily printed menu or from the restaurants’ children’s menu.

“For more than 35 years, McCormick & Schmick’s restaurants have hosted countless important business lunches. I can’t think of a better business lunch than one with your child,” said Doug Schmick, chairman and CEO of McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants. “Family is a cornerstone value at McCormick & Schmick’s and we’re proud to support the efforts of parents or adults who take the time to share a work day with their children.”

“What greater way to connect with a child than to spend a quality meal together?” said Karen Green, general manager of McCormick & Schmick’s, Tysons. “This is a fun way to interact with our local communities and to invite parents and children to come to our restaurants to eat lunch together on a work day when they’d normally be eating apart.”

Area McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants are at 17th and K Streets NW and 9th and F Streets, NW, Washington, DC; Tysons/McLean; Reston Town Center, Crystal City, Virginia and in Bethesda, MD. M&S Grill restaurants are at 13th and F Street, NW in Washington, DC and at the Reston Town Center, Virginia.

For more information about the national “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” program, visit www.DaughtersandSonsToWork.org

For more information on McCormick & Schmick’s/M&S Grill restaurants please go to www.McCormickandSchmicks.com


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    good thing I have no kids to see me reading blogs in my underwear. oops, I mean working.

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