Yes, We Actually Do Want Fluff


Editors Note: By now, you may have noticed the comments by the former *lurker* miked. It took him a while to come around to the whole blogging thing, even though his woman, Edouble, is an ES contributer. So while miked will talk to me about recipes and now gChat about recipes, maybe one day we can get him on the blogging tip. You can spy on our virtual convo about omelets below. And, Maidelitala, don’t be mad miked stole your omelet thunder.

miked: have you every had a fluffy omelet?
i just made one and Maidelitala made them yesterday morning. i told her she should do a post.
1) separate yolks and whites
2) whip up whites till they get sort of fluffy/bubbly
3) pour fluffy whites into pan
4) pour yolks (if you like them) on top of fluffy whites.
5) put other omelet stuff there
gansie: yum! interesting…i never get that complicated w/ my omelets
miked: it doesn’t really take much longer—as long as you have the yolk-separating skills—you just do it while veggies, etc. are saut√©eing.
gansie: and then for the omelet part
do you flip it to cook the other side or just put the filling in the runny-ish center?


miked: you put the filling in the runny-ish center and then fold… I actually fold and flip after a while to limit the runny-ness.
depending on preference, you can either fold each side up (like an enchilada) or just fold it in half like a taco…
gansie: i usually do it in half
but i still need lots of practice
miked: yep…it’s hit or miss…
i think the keys are
1) use enough lube
2) don’t over stuff
wow, that sounds really dirty.
gansie: aaaaaahhhhh
miked: okay
gansie: works for me!
whats your filling of choice?
miked: whatever I have…
today it was baby bellas and green pepper and extra sharp cheddar.
gansie: YUM
i’m usually lazy and just make scrambles
miked: you should just try to make omelets, because a failure can always become a scramble–and it will still be fluffier (even if you don’t use Maidelitala special fluffy technique)
gansie: ps, this is now definitely going to be a blog post
do you mind?
miked: ok, but I learned the fluffy part from Maidelitala…so she should do it.
gansie: i’ll give credit to both of you
miked: bueno.

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  • Maidelitala April 23, 2008  

    niiiice… thunder properly stolen, I’ve been horribly neglectful as contributions go the last two months. (My excuse is I can’t figure out how to download pictures of food I cooked from the BFs camera to my compu)
    For the record vis-√†-vis the fluffy omelet, it looks purtier when you do fold it like an enchilada, using some cheese to make the folds stick together and then flip it again, filling side down to kinda add some frizzle to the fillings…. Ya get me? mmmm… so delicious (but I’m not promiscuous…) okay sorry, I didn’t mean to go all Fergie on you. hey, I have an idea : Endless Simmer brunch off!

  • miked. April 23, 2008  

    you callin’ my omelet ugly?

  • Maidelitala April 23, 2008  

    nooooo… I was just stating a preference for enchilada style folds… I find them more aesthetically pleasing. But your omelet looks beautiful… though the cheese in the first picture does seem to possess some kinda of unnatural phosphorescence…. Maybe that’s my cheese-craving lactard-living reality getting the better of me and the glowing cheese in the picture is only in my mind?

  • miked. April 23, 2008  

    def some phosphorescent cheese–i think that’s just because we don’t have a fancy 80p, artsy photo of the day, professional camera.

  • BS April 23, 2008  

    let’s set a date for the ES brunch-off! I’ve been practicing my omelet skillz

  • gansie April 23, 2008  

    sooo in for the brunch off. already know what im making.

  • BS April 23, 2008  

    oh lemme guess – scrambled eggs with chickpeas, feta, and avocado.
    you’re goin down, gans.

  • gansie April 24, 2008  

    eggs and chickpeas sooooo don’t go together. get with the program, BS!

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