Who Cooked It Better? The Great Steak Sushi Roll-off

The results of last week’s veggie burger battle royale are in, and with 98 percent of all precincts reporting, Eat Air’s Big V captured 47 percent of the vote, earning the official title of best veggie burger in the world. Ever.

Since today is a big election day, we’re going with a political theme for this week’s Who Cooked It Better. The good folks over at Urban Spoon recently crunched some numbers to come up with the Steak/Sushi index, which shows that any city’s voting habits can be predicted by its ratio of steak houses to sushi joints. The nation’s political divide falls almost exactly along these lines, from Dallas (most Republican; most steak houses) to San Francisco (most Democratic; most sushi).



Of course, in 2008 everyone is all gaga for unity and bipartisanship, and what better way to celebrate such feelings than with steak sushi. This inspired creation is popping up on more and more restaurant menus, and it’s a delicious trend that should keep on trending, if you ask me.

Our first steak sushi roll, pictured on the left, is from Sushi Day, who offers up some beautiful butter-fried flank steak cooked to a pinkish rare. But more importantly, Sushi Day has the gall/genius to roll it up with onion slices and french fries! (The fries are both inside the sushi roll AND served alongside it.) This non-conformist sushi is topped off with BBQ sauce. Full recipe here.

Our second steak sushi recipe is from Gourmet, and as you might expect, they go avant-garde, getting rid or the seaweed and instead wrapping a bloody steak in thinly-sliced carrot ribbons. A mustard sauce made of basil, parsley, shallots, capers and garlic brings the flavor, and a flaky sea salt garnish adds extra arty effect (does anyone else think it looks like sushi falling from the sky?) Full recipe here.

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Photos: Sushi Day, Gourmet

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  • JoeHoya April 22, 2008  

    Gotta give it to Gourmet for simplicity’s sake. Sushi Day’s offering sounds like sushi by way of Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.

  • Britannia April 22, 2008  

    Either my eyes are deceiving me or I am elsewhere this morning, but before reading the post I thought that the Gourmet sushi was wrapped in bacon, needless to say I was disappointed to read it was carrot!

  • BS April 22, 2008  

    wrapped in bacon – WOW. I think we all know how I am making my next sushi.

  • JoeHoya April 22, 2008  

    Bacon would be tough to do right at that size…maybe work with something that doesn’t need to be raw to be wrappable?

    Prosciutto might not work, but another type of charcuterie like lomo or capicola could do the trick.

    This might also be the ideal circumstance for turkey bacon – great smoke flavor, but it never gets crispy when you cook it so it would still wrap well.

  • miked. April 23, 2008  

    disappointed that the special bul go gi roll at adam express in mt. pleasant, dc didn’t make the cut. It has thinly sliced steak, crab, pickled radish, carrot and maybe arugula … so good. And the cute korean couple that own the joint treat you like your their child coming home from college when you walk in the door.

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