Meat Eaters Need Not Apply

game controller veggie head

I know ES has been heavy on the veggie/vegan train lately (I promise, we’ll get back to our red meat and pig roots) but I couldn’t not post about this redic job requirement: vegetarianism.

San Francisco video-game company, Bigfoot Inc, published this internship description

A vegetarian-owned and managed emerging sports games startup in San Francisco is looking to hire vegetarian software development interns for summer 2008 (and potentially beyond) who are interested in entrepreneurship and promoting vegetarianism.

And as my full-time job demands I promote diversity in the workplace, I cannot advocate for an entire staff full of non-meat eaters.

Quotas can be a good thing.

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  • JoeHoya April 21, 2008  

    Vegetarian sports games, huh?

    Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be less “Madden ’08” and more “VeggieTales” (minus the super-religious overtones, of course)

  • BS April 21, 2008  

    “Jerry Friedman sued Southern California Permanente Medical Group for firing him based on his personal convictions as a vegan. Friedman had been hired as an independent computer contractor, but the offer was rescinded after he refused to accept a mumps vaccination, citing ethical and religious beliefs. (The vaccine for mumps is grown in chicken embryos.)”
    WTF? Has anyone ever had to receive a MUMPS vaccination before starting work? Weird.

  • Brian April 21, 2008  

    i’d imagine a health care provider can require proper vaccinations, such as the mumps.

  • BS April 21, 2008  

    right. I don’t need one, I just thought it was odd that this guy needed one for work, no? No employer has ever asked for my mumps history.

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