RecipeGate Threatens Cindy McCain’s Job as Campaign Wife


Those of you who read my interview with John McCain on Monday may have noticed his evasive “no comment” answer when I quizzed him on his wife Cindy’s passion fruit mousse recipe. Well it turns out I should have dug deeper into this story because the mousse has become a major campaign scandal!

As The Huffington Post reported yesterday, not a single one of Cindy McCain’s “family recipes” featured on the McCain website were actually original recipes, but instead cut-and-pasted versions of recipes from Rachael Ray and Giada! Oh, Cindy!

The McCain campaign has responded swiftly and forcefully, removing the offending recipes from his website and firing an intern who they are blaming the whole mess on. (In response, Endless Simmer has fired our own intern for failing to uncover this aspect of the story.)

But now, HuffPost is reporting that Cindy also submitted the “original recipe” to a New York Sun article back in January. Guess they’ll have to blame that one on the intern too.

As you can see from the press conference photo above, McCain is standing by his wife for now – but it’s anyone’s guess how long he’ll be able to hold on before throwing Cindy under the bus as well.

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  • Maidelitala April 16, 2008  

    I noticed this story, and just felt worse for poor Cindy that she got found out. I mean McCackle (I’m working on a demeaning nickname from the brute, bear with me) publicly humiliated her back in 2000, saying she applies make-up like a trollop and calling her the c-word that rhymes with runt. dealing with his explosive abusive behavior probably just wears on her and she doesn’t have time to cook for the old coot or come up with creative recipes on her own. Huffington Post Link

  • gansie April 16, 2008  

    is it bad that an old conservative knew – and could use properly in a sentence – the word trollop. but me, a seemingly *hip* person had to check out what the word mean on urban dictionary.
    shit – i’m getting old!

  • JoeHoya April 16, 2008  

    Not bad at all.

    Trollop, like ‘harlot’ and ‘strumpet’ has been used for centuries and the meaning really hasn’t changed in that time.

    Merriam-Webster (not quite as reputable as, I know, but still useful from time to time) dates trollop back to 1621. Harlot is credited as a 15th Century word, and strumpet goes back another century further.

    Guess McCain opted for the one that was just coming into fashion in his boyhood…

  • gansie April 16, 2008  

    wow – look who’s GOP bashing!

  • JoeHoya April 17, 2008  

    Calling McCain old is NOT “GOP-bashing.”

    It’s like calling the sky blue.

    Or Hillary opportunistic.

    Or Obama inexperienced.


  • Bush is Finally Gone November 5, 2008  

    JoeHoya should update. Like calling Obama President-Elect and McCain unemployed 🙂

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