• gansie April 17, 2008  

    good lord i love the new live blogging technology.

  • Britannia April 17, 2008  

    I feel so old school for commenting on the regular section, love the new live blogging btw.

    So disappointed with Ryan being kicked off, I think Mark deserved to go, anyone who eats from a spoon then serves with said needs a good spanking. He’s from down under, he should know how to grill, that’s what they do. I know Ryan’s dish wasn’t received well but it sounded really good, granted I’ve never done a tailgate before I am attending my first one this weekend, very excited for that) so don’t necessarily know the style but I’m always for mixing up a grill. As for Nikki, she totally could have spun not having enough food by it being so popular people came coming back for more!

    On other things, male on male bath action, kinda grossed me out, even for me. The snide lesbian remark, not sure how to take that, also not sure how Tom got 50% of the vote, clearly a female/gay dominated show this week. Always love to see Padma downing a beer. Final thought, I felt this was too similar to episode 3 and the block party.

  • JoeHoya April 17, 2008  

    The more things change, the more they stay the same…

    Is it just me, or is this ‘live blogging’ technology really just an old-school AOL chat room?

    Maybe I’m just jealous ’cause I wasn’t around to take part in it…

  • BS April 17, 2008  

    shh…it’s revolutionary technology. not at all like a chat room. There are instant polls! How 22nd Century is that?

  • gansie April 17, 2008  

    fuck/marry/kill is totally cutting edge

  • Britannia April 17, 2008  

    I love how fuck/marry/kill is totally allowed, but lesbian is so spamable.

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