Famous-for-DC Folks Pig Out at the Airport – Just Like Us!


It’s a slow news week down in D.C., what with the Presidential campaign fully focused on Pennsylvania. So we sent our photo chief, 80 proof, down to National Airport to see if he could spy any celebs eating. In no time at all, 80p caught sight of the Mouth from the South himself, CNN commentator/Clinton family godfather James Carville.

I have to admit I was previously under the impression that Carville only ate fear, but as you can see, he stopped for a pre-flight snack at Einstein Bros. Bagels. But get this – Carville sat down, ate his Einstein Bros., and then immediately got back up and went to get some McDonalds, and ate that. Nice eating, Jimbo!

Don’t forget to send your pics of celebs and near-celebs eating to info@endlesssimmer.com

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  • chris April 16, 2008  

    I think Carville is more the Clintons “consigliere”. Which would make Bill the old Godfather (Marlon Brando) and turn Hillary into Al Pacino.

    She tried to get out, but they (NH, OH, et al.) back in!

  • chris April 16, 2008  

    oops, I mean, “they keep pulling her back in!”

  • Maidelitala April 16, 2008  

    Jimmy Carville needs to eat more. His cheek bones are practically jutting out of his face. Very gaunt the man is. Also, can we talk about he and the wifey look more and more similar every year… it’s led me to wonder whether they aren’t a different species from the rest of us: A prominent cheek-boned humanoid race that sucks nutrients out of the air rather than consuming normal human food. I’m happy to hear he eats food (and in public, unlike Il Papa…). or maybe he knew he was being watched and was trying to maintain the facade of normalcy.

  • BS April 16, 2008  

    what’s the deal with Il Papa’s eating habits? Do you have some inside scoop? would love to break that story. I’d bet he’s dying to grab some Dunkin Donuts while he’s here.

  • Brian April 16, 2008  

    next time, only photograph his legs.

  • Britannia April 16, 2008  

    Did 80P really just hang out at the airport with a camera, please tell me there was a flight involved at some point?!?

  • JoeHoya April 16, 2008  

    I had what my wife and I like to call an “I loved you in…” moment with Carville back when I was doing product demos at Trader Joe’s.

    An “I loved you in…” moment is when you get a chance to talk to a celebrity (or a DCelebrity like Carville) and you take the opportunity to tell them you loved them in something they probably rarely hear about (and may be embarassed to have people remember). An example? “Brad Pitt! I loved you on ‘Growing Pains!'”

    In Carville’s case, I figured he’d be used to hearing about political stuff, so I informed him that I loved him in “Old School.” He stared at me a second, then he smiled and gave a George Bush-like “heh” before saying, “Yeah…that was a real good time.”

    Yeah…I’m a big dork.

  • gansie April 16, 2008  

    actually, Brit, 80P quit his day time job to be a full time photog for ES. look for pics of charles krauthammer eating at the palm next week…

  • Maidelitala April 16, 2008  

    His Holiness does not eat in public. papal protocol apparently requires him to not partake in front of others. Doesn’t mean they won’t offer him a huge platter of five different kinds of bread in NYC though. I hope someone gets to eat that bread, otherwise it’s a big waste. He’ll be presented with dark bread, white bread, rice, unleavened bread and maize, apparently representing the five human inhabited continents.

  • BS April 16, 2008  

    no matzoh?

  • Maidelitala April 16, 2008  

    unleavened bread….

  • CW Guy April 16, 2008  

    Very nice strategy, hanging out at the airport. That’s definitely a good way to snag some photos. Unfortunately, you may also run into some disgruntled celebs who are running behind or haven’t slept for 18 hours. Risk and reward, what can you do.

    CW Guy
    Wine Reviews

  • Caroline April 18, 2008  

    Did you see this recent one?


    Ignoring the article’s misclassification of them as cupcakes, I love that Obama was buying Tastykake butterscotch krimpets!

  • gansie April 18, 2008  

    good lord do i love butterscotch krimpets. thanks for the memories, caroline. that was my go-to after school snack. haven’t had one in YEARS.

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