Hott Links: Cherry Poppin’ Good Time

cherry blossom cocktailIn this installment from the gansie files, you will learn more than you care to know about cherry blossom themed drinks in DC; get the scoop on the grub at the new Nationals Park; discover an appetizer that isn’t fried or breaded; and find out the green-ness of CapHill fav, Sonoma.

Everything Is Cherry: Blossom Beverages [Express]

Ballpark Cuisine [Express]

Adams Morgan Evolution [Express]

Eat Your Greens [Express]

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  • BS April 3, 2008  

    g – which one is the drink pictured at right? It looks awesome

  • gansie April 3, 2008  

    my bad, it’s from urbana in dupont

  • BS April 3, 2008  

    wow. what a hot restaurant bar scene.

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