Beware of Killer Tofu

killer tofu

As we have learned from the current administration, scare tactics work. Apparently there have been some concerns brought up about eating too much soy. So of course people are starting to freak:

Tofu bad?: Is it true that tofu can cause breast cancer? I am worried about that, and also when I am pregnant, should I avoid tofu? As a vegetarian, I eat a fair amount of tofu and am wondering if I should limit my intake of tofu. Thanks!

Kim O’Donnel: the jury is still out on soy. Here’s a link to an article on the controversy. I think everything in moderation is the key. I would also buy organic or locally produced tofu, eliminates the GMO factor. Don’t avoid tofu, but a diverse diet, yes, do that.

But as Ms. KOD confirms from her WaPo chat, soy (just like chocolate and weed**) should be enjoyed in moderation. Americans, of course, over use everything they get their hands on. The article notes that in Japan, soy is consumed in limited amounts, not like the gigantic soy burgers eaten in the U.S. So before all of our veggie friends freak out, keep eating your fake cheese, just do so in a conservative fashion.

**Chocolate and weed were used for emphasis purposes, and not the idea of KOD.

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  • BS April 1, 2008  

    good advice – but this moderation thing doesn’t include bacon or beer, does it?

  • Brett April 2, 2008  

    Isn’t Killer Tofu the name of a song sung by The Beets, Doug Funny’s favorite band?

  • gansie April 2, 2008  

    that is too effing funny that you brought that up. okay, so when i was searching for a pic to put with this post i googled “killer tofu” and this weird band kept coming up that i never heard of. thanks for putting it all together for me.

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