Who, Me?????

Hey look, it’s gansie wearing a gansie.

Happy 19th..21st…Oh who cares? It’s gansie’s 20-something’d b-day!

Endless Simmer’s D.C. bureau was out happy hour-ing it up last night at Madhatter for everybody’s favorite restaurant critic/beauty contest winner (ish)/supermarket shopper/Washington Post-approved gourmet chef‘s b-day. I haven’t seen any photographic evidence of the celebration so far, but I think this stock photo captures the general idea:

80p: what do you mean I have to plan a happy hour?

Anyways, I wouldn’t hold your breath for an outpouring of creative output from the team today. (Gansie’s current gchat status message: me need couch.)

Happy Birthday Gansie!

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  • gansie March 28, 2008  

    thanks, BS/ES.

    i’m actually available for lunch, if anyone wants to listen to me whine and moan for an hour.

  • Brian March 28, 2008  

    happy birthday!

  • SAG March 28, 2008  

    Have a good one.Cheers!…(good luck bennett)

  • Britannia March 28, 2008  

    Happy Birthday!!

    I hope you found a lunch date to get you drunk 🙂

  • gansie March 28, 2008  

    SAG – thanks for the Top Chef cookbook and your sweet note, which i will summarize for the public:
    i’m so glad you got into cooking, it makes buying gifts for you very easy

  • Maidelitala March 28, 2008  

    mehhhh… I’m slightly hung over, which always makes me ravenous. But no time to eat… Work work work.
    I had pasta when I got home last night. so yummy. left over from the night previous. lemon broccoli and olive oil sauce topped with nutritional yeast (hippy credentials in tact!)
    did the refugee doll make it safely home or did she lose half her clothes on the way gans?

  • BS March 28, 2008  

    maidelitala – please explain nutrional yeast. As a non-hippy, I’m unfamiliar, but once had a drunken discussion with someone about how great it is – and then I stumbled upon it at the co-op and bought a bagful, but now I have no idea what to do with it and it is just sitting around in my kitchen – plus, it smells weird.

  • Maidelitala March 28, 2008  

    It is rick in amino acids and actually is a great substitute for Parmesan cheese (the least evil of cheeses… I miss it so) in pasta, and so yummy in stirfrys with soy sauce. Some people go crazy with it, but I think less is more. I’ll make something with nutritional yeast in it and have you over to eat it. It’s salty/buttery/cheesy to taste. And it’s full of vitamins I wouldn’t otherwise get. It definitely smells weird outside of a well cooked meal. Oh! It’s really good on popcorn.

  • gansie March 28, 2008  

    i’ve already tasked Ms. Maidelitala to explain this yeast thing in a full blog post

  • BS March 28, 2008  

    nice…sounds good – I’ll have to try it in a stir-fry

  • Maidelitala March 28, 2008  

    oh oops. obviously can’t have you over BS, thought you were gans…. get you too confused. I’ll write a post… I’ll make my bf’s roommate who is a REAL hippy write it with me, complete with our favorite recipes using the jizz

  • Maidelitala March 28, 2008  

    ay dios, what heck. I can’t spell today too… two…. I blame it on a hung-over brain

  • Mariah Carey March 28, 2008  


    1. AMAZING nail polish in the first pic, Seriously – epitome of hand fashion.

    2. For a boy, the poster picked some quality photos (im guessing bc your boobs also look enormous in them). Hot.

    3. BRAVO for not revealing her real age. I would really have to beat a bitch if someone tried to call me out on my bday DAY!

    (hi bennie!)

  • Alex March 28, 2008  

    Hey happy bday!!!!

  • 80 Proof March 28, 2008  

    Only 365 days until we do this all over again.

  • gansie March 28, 2008  

    and i can tell by your tone that you just can’t wait to celebrate me again

  • BS March 28, 2008  

    besides 80p, don’t you mean 182 1/2 days?

  • the unbearable lightness of being March 28, 2008  

    Happy Birthday, Gansie:) 80 Proof, snaps on the Happy Hour planning!

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