ES Wants to Get In Your Box


The Internet is fun and all, but it can be so difficult, right? I mean, all that clicking and typing and backslashing – it’s like having a second job!

We here at Endless Simmer recognize that you don’t have all day for us, and that’s why we’re very pleased to announce The Weekly Simmer – the very best of Endless Simmer, delivered direct to your email inbox, once a week.

Of course, most of you loyal fans will still check Endless Simmer 5 to 6 times a day for updates, but for those of you who tend to (gasp!) forget about us from time to time, we will handpick the best of ES for you once a week. Just pop your email address into that little box below and you’re on your way (you will also have to respond to a confirmation message).

Now – here’s the really exciting news. Because we’re so excited about The Weekly Simmer, we’re offering a FREE $25 gift certificate to the Outback Steakhouse to the 50th person who subscribes to the Weekly Simmer – so don’t be shy!

Get the Weekly Simmer Email

Oh, and of course we won’t spam you or sell your email addresses or any crap like that. What kind of people do you think we are, anyway?

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  • gansie March 27, 2008  

    don’t worry, dadgansie, i’ve set you up for the emails. now you just have to confirm it.

  • 80 Proof March 27, 2008  

    I wouldn’t even know where to sell emails if I tried.

  • Brian March 27, 2008  

    outback?!?!? that’s a joke, right?

  • Britannia March 27, 2008  

    Am I automatically on this or do I need to sign up?

  • gansie March 27, 2008  

    aaahhh. actually, brian — out of fucking no where this PR person emailed me asking if ES wanted the gift certificate. i mean, who am i to deny an ES fan of the bloomin onion.

  • BS March 27, 2008  

    Brit – we haven’t put anyone automatically on it – so please sign up – thanks!

  • Britannia March 27, 2008  

    Already done, I was being strategic in my timing hoping to score that gift certificate.

  • Yvo March 27, 2008  

    I was about to say, wtf, Outback? But, okay, free (which explains why you said “free” $25 gc), I can get behind that.

  • BS March 27, 2008  

    ah, yes – it’s WORTH $25 – the FREE part is how much you have to pay

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