Live Blogging Top Chef: Episode 3

9:39 EST

While you watch the last episode, find out what kind of judge you are: judge test
Of course I was Tom.

– – –

9:44 EST

So I went commercial tonight and ordered some Domino’s. While Gansie is off socializing with normal people, I will spend my night talking to my imaginary Internet friends about Top Chef. But I have to give Domino’s credit. They came up with this new invention called the Pizza Tracker. It shows you the 5 steps that happen once you order your pizza online. For instance, I ordered my pizza at 9:20, and at 9:21 I knew that Sonia had started applying toppings. 7 minutes later, Tomar is on the way to my house. Frankly, it’s pretty cool. Nice work, corporate giant.

– – –

9:56 EST

TOMAR!!! WHERE ARE YOU??? 80P HUNGRY!! Hmm, well, according to Pizza Tracker, I have my pizza. Oops

Ok, sorry, no more about me, let’s focus on other people’s problems.

More live blogging (maybe about Top Chef this time) after the break…

10:03 EST

So Richard literally wakes up with his hair like that?

– – –

10:08 EST

Baldy had me at chipotle…unfortunately he hates Mexican people.

– – –

10:20 EST

Let me guess, these people all “shopped” at Whole Foods.

– – –

10:22 EST

That lady with all the food is not saving for the next World War, she’s Mitt Romney‘s mother!

– – –

10:24 EST

Anyone else think this would be a lot more fun in the Southside of Chi-town. What, are they in Naperville?

– – –

10:30 EST

Prediction time: Eric gets the boot. That corn dog looks kinda tasty, but I think they are really foreshadowing his departure. First, he declared Mexican food is for homeless people, then he worries about the dog’s sogginess. Peace out baldy.

– – –

10:38 EST

I want one of those s’mores…now.

– – –

10:40 EST

Wow, Bravo getting a little political. Maybe they should have asked that female president question back during season 2, when Hill-dog had a chance.


– – –

10:47 EST

OHHH. Blue team pulls a fast one! Over/Under on seconds until Andrew blows up? Oh, and buh-bye Eric.

– – –

10:54 EST

Having a real hard time taking Andrew seriously. “This is my house!” Dude, shut up. What, did Under Armour replace Glad Family of Products as the Top Chef corporate sponsor??

– – –

11:00 EST

Thanks for following along with this live blog. Come back next week, when ES predicts another loser correctly within the first 5 minutes of the episode.

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  • BS March 26, 2008  

    wow. that doesn’t make you sound lame at all.

  • 80 Proof March 26, 2008  


    I’ll tell Tomar you were making fun of him.

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    ps: I’m still Padma. But my favorite Q/A was Q: Who would play you in a movie. A: Michael Chiklis, but only if Bruce Willis was busy

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    jicama as taco shell = brilliant

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    erik is miserable – he seems nice, but he’s gotta be gone soon

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    jesus erik sucks, I bet he goes home tonight, I mean block party or no block party, padma lakshmi ain’t eatin no corn dog

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    I don’t think 80p is even reading my comments 🙁

  • 80 Proof March 26, 2008  

    I see everything.
    I know everything.

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    I am with you on the smores. god I want to eat smores with padma.

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    I am down with the feminization of power, but I don’t think many of these she-chefs have a chance this year.
    Obama-Kiwi ’08

  • Alex March 26, 2008  

    Excuse me Brendan, I see everything and know everything too.

  • BS March 26, 2008  

    good call on andrew blowing up! what a dick.

  • 80 Proof March 26, 2008  

    Well, it was in the previews…

  • Random Live Blogging Fan (Not BS or 80p) March 26, 2008  

    Boy, you guys are right on the money – thanks for live blogging – how entertaining.
    PS – I agree with BS on everything. He’s dreamy

  • 80 Proof March 26, 2008  

    hmm. Color me suspicious of that comment..

  • Britannia March 27, 2008  

    Can I eat smores off Padma?!?!

  • gansie March 27, 2008  

    the pizza tracker – that is brilliant.

  • Alex March 27, 2008  

    No, BS, give it up. But I agree that you’re dreamy. Even though I’m not 100% certain that comment wasn’t from you.

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