Rachael Ray Completes Lifelong Transformation from Human to Cartoon

Oh RayRay, will you never stop?

Food Network gave you a cooking show, even though you aren’t, you know, a chef. Oprah gave you a talk show, even though America can’t stand the sound of your voice. Magazines, books, indie rock, etc…if a medium exists, Rachael Ray is intent on conquering it.

Now comes word that the Rayster will be going animated for her very own cartoon show. Here’s the news from PopCrunch (via Slashfood)

Rachael is developing a cartoon, featuring herself as a young chef, for a January 2009 release thorough Oprah’s Harpo Productions.

“It’s in the very early stages of production,” an insider says. “Rachael is working with illustrators, trying to get the right look for her character.”  

This might be the first thing since Fraggle Rock that gets me to wake up early on Saturday mornings – but only if she recruits Anthony Bourdain to voice a Gargamel-esque villain.

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  • gansie March 25, 2008  


  • Ailbhe March 25, 2008  

    oh my god…. i just figured out how to post a comment here. How did I not see the post-a-comment-box before now?

    I have more troubling rachael ray news: her show is being show on an Irish channel. It’s just one more thing Europeans can blame on the US.

    Fair play for the St Patrick’s Day article. One lil correction, though: Guinness is for fall/winter/spring, Bulmers/Magners for summer… mmm…

  • MissGinsu March 27, 2008  

    Aw, man! And I thought I was the only cartoon chef on the block. There goes the neighborhood.

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