Hott Links: Danger! Danger!


With all of this talk about Obama’s race speech, the FIFTH fucking year of war in Iraq and the divorce of the cutest Beatle and his model ex-wife, we’ve over looked the *breaking news* of effed up food stories.

– Quick – go back to school. The veterinarian industry will soon have a shortfall of qualified docs to deliver grass-fed food. [Workforce Management]

– Not only are “gays worse than terrorists” but now they’re turning our fish intersexed. [DCist]

– Corporations, tired of the MSM, are trying to own the free-thinking blogosphere. ES will soon reveal our first flirtation with commercial hell. [AP]

Photo: Flick user Pete Rocks

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  • BS March 19, 2008  

    Yeah when are we gonna start corporate whoring anyway? For the record, in case anyone important is reading this, I’m currently willing to sell my share of Endless Media stock for $4 – 5 million – all serious offers will be considered.

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