• gansie March 18, 2008  

    good lord. those bacon cups are gorgeous.

  • JoeHoya March 18, 2008  


    That’s really all I can say.

  • MonkeyBoy March 18, 2008  

    BS, any chance you could make the BLTini in this one for us? Sorry about the crappy link.

  • BS March 18, 2008  

    holy crap that is going on the to-eat list.
    (cleaned up the link)

  • Tim March 19, 2008  

    Hey bread bowls, I never should have been so excited about you in the first place. You are f*ing dumped and don’t call me anymore.

    Bacon bowls – call me.

  • gansie March 19, 2008  

    i still want to try my hand at these little edible bowls. although, the bacon ones might top these.

  • Alex March 19, 2008  

    I would like to point out that these could also be made with Morningstar Farms facon strips, which both have a fake fat strip for aesthetic value and hold their shape when fried.

  • MonkeyBoy March 19, 2008  

    so, do we burn Alex as a witch on a pyre of jamón ibérico de bellota or what?

  • BS March 19, 2008  

    wait, do you have any of that?

  • MonkeyBoy March 20, 2008  

    I’ll check the pockets of the ol’ Monkey Suit, but I don’t have a grand to spare on a ham. Not that it doesn’t sound awesome.

  • Coonass foodie July 10, 2008  

    who has the secret to these bacon cups and who do I have to kill to get it.

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