With kitschy Alice in Wonderland photos adorning the walls, Madhatter really is a trip into a foreign , underground (literally, it’s in a basement) world–one that’s affordable, and fun in the midst of stuffy and overpriced bars. While the menu stays true to greasy treats (buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and nachos), the Hatter also offers classic salad choices and homey blue-plate specials. Be sure to order the fries, though: they’re surprisingly light and crispy, and don’t even need ketchup. Spend your drunken, after-work hours taking advantage of half-priced appetizers and $2.50 rail, house wine and daily changing beer specials.
For: A less trippy trip to Wonderland.
Entrees: $7-$18. 202-833-1495. 1831 M St, NW (Dupont Circle)

Originally in the Onion – AV Club / DC local edition

Madhatter in Washington

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  • Pinch o Minch March 17, 2008  

    I’m sorry, fries ALWAYS need ketchup.

  • gansie March 17, 2008  

    okay, so i didn’t want to get into this, but i guess we have to. fries never need ketchup, unless they’re terrible so then the ketchup disguises the flavor. real french fry fans enjoy the actual taste of the fries and don’t need a sauce to cover the flavor, just a sprinkling of salt.

  • JoeHoya March 17, 2008  

    As far as mass-produced, Heinz/Hunt’s/etc. style ketchup is concerned, NOTHING needs ketchup.

    But fries can definitely benefit from a good home-made dip like the ones at Granville Moore’s (hot sauce, garlic ranch, curry, etc.) And homemade ketchup is a completely different animal than the bright red stuff.

    And this doesn’t even begin to consider the role of such Euro-favored condiments as mayonaisse or malt vinegar.

  • gansie March 17, 2008  

    fine. sometimes i like a mustard/honey mustard. and when dining french – i like to dip it in the accompanying bernaise sauce.

  • 80 Proof March 17, 2008  

    ketchup, ketchup and more catsup.

    All ketchup, all the time.

  • SAG March 17, 2008  

    you guys need to get off your high horse…is there nothing wrong with adding your favorite condiment (hot sause, ketchup, mustard, mayo) when enjoying French fries…

  • gansie March 17, 2008  

    SAG–you’re right. people can use whatever they like. i just personally hate ketchup on fries.

  • BS March 17, 2008  

    Just to be very clear – we will not tolerate hate speech of any kind on this blog – it may seem wrong to you that certain people insist on drowning perfectly good food in disgusting bland ketchup, but they are people just like you and me and we have to accept them.

  • DAD GANSIE March 18, 2008  

    joehoya did you ever make your own ketchup?

    80 p do you eat ketchup on everything?? I have a cousin who did.
    for the record, ketchup ain’t so bad, it does the job it was meant to do.

  • William H. Stoneman April 9, 2010  

    Love the name of your Blog!!

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