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I’m sure most District residents have heard about the horrific fire in Mt. Pleasant on Wednesday night. The apartment building fire displaced about 200 people and also spread to a church behind it.

Above is the view of the fire from our apartment. 80 and I were up til 3am (also getting reports from Tim’s view of the fire) watching the massive amounts of black smoke, smoldering embers and blazing fire, and making sure it didn’t spread to our building. While other nearby buildings had to be evacuated, we were fine, although scared shitless.

In an effort to help our neighbors, I’m posting the information on where you can send donations, be it food, clothes or money. So there’s my pitch.

Thanks—Endless Simmer

* Neighbors Consejo (United Way building)
3118 16th Street, NW

Collecting: food, clothes, pillows, blankets, toiletries, baby stuff, school supplies, toys, pregnant women-wear

* Pfeiffer’s Hardware
3219 Mt Pleasant St, NW

Collecting: monetary donations

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