Top Chef: Initial Thoughts

Again, not to scoop you BS, but just wanted to get some thoughts on, well, not on paper, on the keyboard, I guess the saying would be. Enjoy some ES live blogging!

The below comments are based on looks and their 60 second intros and some of the Quick Fire challenge.

Nikki might be hott. Might be annoying. Might not be able to cook for shit (re: deep dish pizza.)

Spike could be hott. Might be a bigot (on first comments on the dykes – see below)

Ryan – digging the cocky ‘tude. Hey, Mariah Carey — is this dude your roommate “dated.” I want more gossip! (See these comments.)

The dyke couple could be awesome. Although I hope they’re not lame like the identical twins on America’s Next Top Model. Side note, why do so many chef’s have faux hawks.

Mark’s Kiwi accent could get him far.

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  • BS March 13, 2008  

    I think it may be exclusively Bravo chefs who have faux hawks.

  • JoeHoya March 13, 2008  

    Ted Allen’s blog about last night’s episode calls out the faux-hawked chefs not once, but twice. A good read and nice to see his thoughts as a Chicago near-native since he wasn’t around to share them in the episode.

  • BS March 13, 2008  

    I think Spike is pretty funny.

  • Mariah Carey March 14, 2008  

    That’s him. I hope he gets canned next week so I won’t have to hear about him for the next 4 months. killme.

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