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My site was nominated for Best Food Blog!

OMG! Endless Simmer is nominated for Best Food Blog in the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards. Can you believe it? This is a truly remarkable achievement for this scrappy little blog, and we are so honored just to be considered. OK, fine, anyone can nominate any blog for these awards, but think about it, that means anyone could have nominated us.

And guess what else – anyone can vote! So that means you guys. So far, ES has a whopping total of three votes, and regular readers of this blog should be able to easily discern who those three very intelligent and witty voters are (and no, it’s not Tom Sietsema, Anthony Bourdain, and Padma Lakshmi).

A high vote total could really help us with our visibilty, so please take a sec to click on the picture above, briefly sign up, and vote for ES.


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  • Yvo March 7, 2008  

    Good luck!!! It was great meeting you the other night, and as you can see, I’ve been having fun browsing around your site. Sheesh… I may have to take a break and y’know, actually do work though… haha.

  • BS March 7, 2008  

    Thanks, Yvo – everyone be sure to check out Yvo’s blog, The Feisty Foodie

  • Moira March 7, 2008  

    Just a heads up that i cant vote because my “Captcha failed.” And we all know what that means… What does that mean? The interweb is so complicated.

  • Moira March 7, 2008  

    Nevermind…my captcha is all sorted out now. Am I reaching weirdo random commenter status yet?

  • 80 Proof March 7, 2008  

    Close. You’ll know when you get there. It’s a zen thing.

  • JoeHoya March 10, 2008  

    Hurry up, Moira! I could use the company!

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