Oh, That’s Whatchamacallit


AOL Food put together this pretty great quiz that tasks you to identify the inside of 20 different candy bars. It’s fun and surprisingly challenging, although it should come with a fair warning that it both stressed me out and made me hungry.

Mmm…check it out.

(and let us know how well you do)

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  • 80 Proof March 4, 2008  



  • BS March 4, 2008  

    6??? I guess you would do better at IDing liquors, 80 proof. For the record, I got 12

  • 80 Proof March 4, 2008  

    I honestly only have candy bars at Halloween, and then it’s only Kit Kats and maybe Hershey’s. I haven’t even heard of half the ones on there.

  • Moira March 4, 2008  

    So disappointed in myself. 12. But seriously the krackle v crunch question was total bullshit.

  • BS March 4, 2008  

    you could see a slight CH at the end of the crunch bar…only way I was able to tell the diff.

  • Moira March 4, 2008  

    You are a clever clever monkey BS. I attribute our similar score to years of combined trick or treating.

  • Britannia March 4, 2008  

    Considering I don’t really eat chocolate and I’ve never heard of most of these candy bars, I scored 10 !!

    But did we see the ad to the left of the page, check this out: http://recipe.aol.com/recipe/bacon-candy/79278

  • Stefan March 4, 2008  

    19 Hells yeah

  • JoeHoya March 4, 2008  

    14 – I don’t know whether I’m proud of that or not.

  • Alex March 4, 2008  

    11…but I was sloppy on the PayDay question. And I was eating a Zagnut as I took it (who knew THOSE were still around, until they showed up in my local vending machine! Amazing!), so I am very disappointed by their lack of representation in the quiz.

  • dad gansie March 5, 2008  


  • Yvo March 11, 2008  

    O… I don’t eat candy anymore… and I got a 17. I’m actually kind of disgusted.

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