An Onion By Any Other Name

onionEditors Note: Now that BK has taken a breather from bashing our friend, Alton, he’s now talking smack about vegetables.

Recently, I made pico de gallo and my hands reeked like onion for three days. Which stinks, both literally and psychologically, because it came out really well, but I am discouraged to make it again due to the odor. I tried some pretty aggressive soaps, but to no avail.

So I did a little research on the subject and found that if you rub your hands on stainless steel while running them under water, it would remove the smell. I gave it a shot with my stainless steel spoon rest (sadly, some of my spoons have chronic fatigue.)

Not surprisingly it worked. I loved this new discovery so much that I bought a stainless steel bar made to look like soap from MoMA. It now serves the doubly important role of removing onion and garlic smells from my hands and confusing people at my kitchen sink.

If only during my single days they would have made some sort of stainless steel gum that I could have used after garlic loaded Italian dinners. I may have done better with the ladies.

Pico de Gallo

No particular amounts. Just tomato, onion, cilantro, salt, pepper and white wine vinegar and little bit of diced cucumber to brighten it up.

Photo: 80P / Title: A Rose? Get it?

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  • BS February 28, 2008  

    WOW, I had no idea – that is amazing! Does it work with fish?

  • maidelitala February 28, 2008  

    I heard that if people are blindfolded, have cotton stuck up their nostrils, and are fed pieces of onion, they think they are eating apples.

  • gansie February 28, 2008  

    that is a total lie. but i laughed out loud nonetheless.

  • 80 Proof February 28, 2008  

    Holy Crap. An ES Science Experiment!

  • BK February 29, 2008  

    It does work with fish. Albeit not quite as effective. But it definitely beats just plain soap and water.

  • gansie February 29, 2008  

    shit, i’d love to use that steel soup all over my apartment.

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