Dad Gansie Knows Banana Pie Best

banana chip pie

Editors Note: If you’ve been reading Endless Simmer for a bit, you’ve heard of the notorious D.A.D. gansie. If not, just scroll through a few pages and I’m sure you’ll find something you won’t understand, written by my father. He even called me a bastard once. Regardless, even though my dad might not make any sense in his commenting on the blog, he actually can cook. Here is dad gansie’s first post. Mostly unedited.

Here’s some pics for you. Stef, whatever you want to put in your blog:

Here’s some story:

the making of banana pie

After gansie’s lonely ripe banana it inspired me to make a pie of the several I had, with the comments it gave me the idea to put in pb, but SAG and I also like choc chips, both semi and milk.

I put chips in the sliced ban put some pb on top and put some pb on the chips and placed into the mix after I poured it. It was fun making it. Just made up the recipe with 5-6 small ripe bans, 1-cup egg sub, 5-tbls splenda, a pour of vanilla and cinnamon, can fat free evap milk.

before the bake

Dough was fun too that the gang got me a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. Their 2 crust recipe. You’ll let me know if details are requested.

love dad gansie

ps – you add that the flour tin is from oma when they got married 1947

Editors Note, cont: Yes, dad. I think we might need some more details. Can you please supply us with the dough recipe as well as the cooking time and temp. Thanks!

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  • BS February 27, 2008  

    that looks delicious! I have never heard of such a thing as banana pie but looks great to me.

  • gansie February 27, 2008  

    my dad’s also made a pumpkin-banana-chocolate chip pie. he’s a pioneer.

  • SAG February 27, 2008  

    The pie was excellent! Brought me back to my sliced banana & peanut butter snack days….

  • Morgasm February 27, 2008  

    After asking SAG numerous times if it was “snack time” yet, we finally got to taste the pie, which was everything I was hoping for and more!

  • dad gansie February 27, 2008  

    I’ll have to add some more pb / chips next time. it did taste good,usually I like my cooking, great when others do too,can’t worrry if they don’t. how would pb taste with cheese pie / pumkin pie?? I’ve put chips in already. souns good, i’ll have to try it when the gang comes in!!

    cooking time is approx 50 min. @ 350, check to see if center is set like a cake and utensile comes out clean

    dough recipe: 2 crusts 2 1/4 c. all purpose flour, 3/4 ts. salt , 1/2 c chilled shortening, I used crisco butter shortening, 2 tbs. chilled butter or margarine ( put them in the freezer for 5 or so min to get real chilled), 5-6 tbs. cold water, I added tsp. baking power, 1/3 c. splenda/sugar, and for added taste/color several shakes of cinnamom. I do that for all my pie crusts.

    a stand mixer works great, otherwise get the utensile that helps fold in flour with the shortening,if not availabel your hands will work, flour them up so not to stick as much.
    combine / stir all dry ingredients, cut butter/short. into little chunks and add to flour. work together then add 1 tbs. of water untill flour forms into a ball. it should feel moist
    cut into two balls , plastic wrap for 15+ min to chill, you can freeze the 2nd one for a few months, just wrap tight.

    godd luck,let me know if you try it.
    dad gansie

  • Pinch o Minch February 27, 2008  

    I remember Gansie bringing her dad’s famous pumpkin pie back to college each year. They were so much better than my family’s crap ass version. Keep up the pie posts!

  • dad gansie February 27, 2008  


  • Leah February 28, 2008  

    Thanks for the temp and time–will be making this asap 🙂

  • Mariah Carey February 28, 2008  

    hahahahahahahahahaha x infinity.

    HOW DID I MISS THE BASTARD POST. incredible. I think my office thought I was crying out of frustration instead of being in hysterics.

    your family is the best. they can play on my basketball team any time.

  • Matt February 29, 2008  

    notorious D.A.D?!?! haha! seriously, your dad, physically… he is the exact opposite of biggie.

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