• BS February 22, 2008  

    for your next trick, can you re-enact a solar eclipse?

  • Britannia February 22, 2008  

    Do you actually take these pics or are they taken from photo stock, I’m feeling they look a little too professional. Just saying is all.

  • dad gansie February 23, 2008  

    hell 80 p is a newly recognized pro, what eles could he be called with his beautiful pics

  • gansie February 23, 2008  

    listen 80:
    we haven’t made that much money through our adds — let’s not advertise the suing option quite yet.

  • maidelitala February 25, 2008  

    ummm… I expected an oscar party post. Was there no fun food eaten while watching the academy award its fave euros this weekend? I mean really do i have to go to another food site to get my oscar party food fix?

  • gansie February 25, 2008  

    aaahhh! i was way too hung over to cook anything for sunday. but i did stuff my face with mini-brownies, cheesey bread and potato chips.

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