In Defense of Falsified Cheese

soya cheese

Editors Note: I don’t know if you could tell, but here at ES we love exploiting acknowledging our friends’ love of food, even if it is radically different than what we’d eat. Here is Maidelitala explaining her new found love of fake cheese. Refresher: Maidela is a long time vegetarian and recent lactard.

I found it!

I found a soy cheese that actually (1) tastes good (2) tastes good sliced on crackers and (3) tastes good melted – yes, a soy cheese that can melt! Now I’m obsessed with it: Soya Kaas. It makes me miss REAL cheese a little less. Oh and it’s frackin fat-free!

Soya Kaas comes in various flavors… The fat free “mild cheddar” variety, sold at Yes! Organic – and apparently Whole Foods – was the first one I got up the guts to try. Mind you I am a REAL cheese lover. I go crazy for some Cheshire cheese, cream cheese, extra sharp Cabot cheddar, blue cheese, manchego….

I miss it, but god it’s just not worth the sick that’d follow…

The Soya Kaas is really quite delicious sliced and served on garlic flat bread or a baguette right out of the fridge (I’ll try it on grilled cheese this weekend.)

I just bought the jalapeño flavor and it also comes in “mozzarella” style. Supposedly it freezes really well too. Go figure.

And, I talked to my friend who has been a lactard – like I am – for a while about my discovery and she said, “Oh I love Soya Kaas. It is the ONLY soy cheese I buy.”

This — from a woman who will periodically go on dairy binges even if it will tie her to the toilet for the next three and a half days — is a ringing endorsement.

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  • BS February 21, 2008  

    I dunno…I just learned to embrace tofu – I don’t know if I can take it in cheese form yet…I truly admire all you lactards though. I can’t even begin to imagine a life without cheese. It’s too horrible.

  • John Gushue February 21, 2008  

    ‘We’ at my blog were tickled to see you got a kick out of the Mark Twain quote. All the best.

  • maidelitala February 22, 2008  

    Sigh… yeah life without cheese isn’t a breeze. 🙂 I really miss the blue cheese in my salads… and feta…ugh, there is no substitute.
    Did you try my Broccoli with tofu dish on your veggie gf yet, BS?

  • BS February 22, 2008  

    oh it’ s definitely on my to-cook list

  • sarabelle September 21, 2008  

    I just discovered this too stuff. It’s amazing. I never really liked moldy cheeses like blue cheese anyway, and the soya kaas is an exact match for american and mozerella. I recommend it on nachos and grilled cheese!

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